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At Squatter’s Creek Wines we promise you:
Quality Wine, Every Time.

Why Craft Wine?


It's EASY! No need to have your own equipment, or worry about the scent of fermentation or the issue of sanitizing equipment in your own home. Our knowledgeable staff guide you through the process from start to finish. Our on-premises wine crafting store was designed to give you the ultimate in top quality wine, and an EXCELLENT wine crafting experience. AND, we clean up afterwards!


It’s excellent value– a fraction of the cost of store bought wines– with the same or better quality. Grow your wine cellar with a great variety of exceptional quality wine and SAVE MONEY.


It’s GREEN! Re-use your own bottles, and have minimal packaging and environmental impact. If you like, you can package it in boxes for your boat, cottage or RV.


It’s healthier! Minimal use of preservatives like sulphites make for a more enjoyable experience for those with sensitivities. Red wine gives you headaches? Try ours, we will bet you can enjoy it, headache free. The wine is as close to organic wine as you can get - without the price tag.


It’s FUN! Share the experience with friends, and meet new ones with our Wine Clubs. Take PRIDE in crafting your own quality wine to share and boast about!



Why choose Squatter's Creek Wines & Designs?


We are the EXCLUSIVE supplier in Powell River of RJS Craft Winemaking, sourced from the very best vineyards around the world. Juice is extracted by the highest-quality sorting, crushing and pressing techniques in state-of-the-art facilities. The very same juice that is in some of your familiar wine store purchases; RJS is part of the Constellation Brands group of companies that own some of the largest wineries in the world, including the largest wine producing Canadian company, Vincor. Familiar brands such as Iniskillin, Jackson Triggs, Naked Grape, Sawmill Creek, Robert Mondavi, Ruffino, Kim Crawford, Wallaroo Trail... and many others all over the world.


The company takes SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES seriously; promoting safe and responsible drinking, responsible marketing and advertising that reflects the industry’s highest standards and best practices.


SUSTAINABILITY: ensuring that the air, land, soil and water in all of the countries they operate in are protected. The use of solar power to generate the power to operate the wineries is now commonplace, and a leads the way for others. Using grapeskins to provide "green" energy for homes and businesses is an initiative in operation currently at Iniskillin Wineries in Ontario.


Blended to perfection wine styles, including just the right amount of yeast and, depending on the wine style, oak, sussreserve packs, and/or grape skins for an authentic wine crafting experience. 


Choose from over 100 varietals to vint at home, or on-premises.